Upcoming Courses

Spring 2018

We have some new courses added to the schedule because of popular demand. Additionally, some of our Psyc students like courses from other departments and a few of those popular cross-over topics are below.

Below is a list of courses (and their flyers) for you to peruse.  Contact the Department Chair, Kathryn Damm, if you are looking for something not offered or full so she can help

Link to ALL Psychology Courses for Spring 2018


List of  Newly Added Courses
Course Number Description

Spring 2018 information

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Psychology 30 Social Psychology


online 3/26/18 to 5/23/18

Women's Studies 15

If you liked 'Human Sexuality'

Introduction to Queer Studies

See flyer


online 3/26/18 to 5/23/18

Sociology 2

If you liked 'Social Psyc'

Social Problems


Online 3/26/18 to 5/23/18

Sociology 10

If you liked 'Social Psyc'

Introduction to Marriage & Family


Online 3/26/18 to 5/23/18