Student Development

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The Student Development Office is committed to the philosophy that students who participate in the life of a college excel academically, personally and professionally. Students who participate in co-curricular activities and build relationships with faculty, staff, and peers are most likely to stay in school and persist to graduation.

The Student Development Office exists to support the leadership and personal development of our students through Campus Life Activities, our Leadership Lab programs, and opportunities such as the Associated Student Government (ASG) and Student Clubs.


HOUSING: Saddleback College does not have any on-campus housing. We do, however, offer a platform for people to post and find available housing in the area. [DISCLAIMER: Saddleback College has not inspected these accommodations and assumes no responsibility or in any way passes judgment on the person initiating or responding to these listings.]

CLUBS: Our goal is to connect students to campus organizations in an effort to foster a sense of community and facilitate the development of students academically, professionally and socially.

ASG: Associated Student Government is a student-run organization that develops and promotes campus life events and also advocates for the student population, with the goal of providing a better experience for students at Saddleback College.

ASB STAMP: The ASB stamp offers students, faculty, and staff exclusive discounts on and off-campus, while supporting Student Life! Pick up your ASB stamp in SSC 210. If you didn't purchase the stamp during registration, you can purchase your ASB stamp in SSC 208. Be sure to check out (and utilize) all the benefits!

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