Graduation / Diploma and Certificate Information

*It is the student's responsibility to submit a petition for a Degree Diploma, Certificate, Certification, or Occupational Skills Award by the deadline dates posted below:


Filing/Submittal Deadline

Spring March 1 for Associate Degrees and Associate Degrees for Transfer
  *Feb 15 for students transferring to CSU in Fall 2015 with an Associate Degree for Transfer
Summer July 1
Fall November 1
  *Oct 15 for students transferring to CSU in Spring 2015 with an Associate Degree   for Transfer

Students submitting petitions for a degree or certificate by the deadline date will be entitiled to have a graduation date for that semester posted on their transcripts. Petitions received after the posted deadline will be processed with those for the following semester and the graduation date posted on the transcript will be for that following semester.

Please note: Students applying for an Occupational Skills Award are not eligible for graduation/commencement. Occupational Skills Awards are not posted to the transcript.

All official transcripts of previous college work must be on file in the Office of Admissions and Records before applying for a degree or certificate.

Refer to the college catalog for graduation requirements.


Click here to petition (apply) for a Degree, Certificate, or Occupational Skills Award


Commencement Information - click here for information regarding the commencement ceremony.


Candidates for graduation submitting a Petition for Degree or Certificate before or after March 1st may participate in the commencement/graduation ceremony

Candidates submitting a Petition for Degree or Certificate after March 1st:

  • will not have their names appear in the commencement program
  • will not receive an honors tassel at graduation, if eligible
  • will not have their records evaluated until late summer or early fall
  • will receive an August graduation date posted to their transcript


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