New and Returning Students

New students:

Students who have never attended Saddleback College (or Irvine Valley College) or attended Saddleback College while enrolled as a K-12 student and have since graduated from high School follow all the steps below.

New Incoming Transfer Students:

Students new to Saddleback College that have taken classes at another college follow the steps below. Be sure to send your official transcripts from any schools you attended to the office of Admissions & Records.

Returning Students:

If you are a student who has attended Saddleback ot Irvine Valley College in the past and are returning after a break in enrollment you should update your address, email and phone in MySite and then follow the steps below.


Steps for Enrollment

  1. Complete an Application for Admission

        Apply online to Saddleback College.

  2. Apply for Financial Aid (Optional)

        See the Financial Aid Website for additional information.

  3. Complete Matriculation (Orientation and Assessment Testing) and Advisement

        Most new students are required to complete Matriculation prior to enrolling. 
        Please visit the Matriculation Website for information about this process.

  4. Register for Classes

        Follow these directions to register for classes online.
        Remember: All students must meet all prerequisites for the classes in which they wish to enroll.
        Information about prerequisites can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

  5. Pay Tuition & Fees

        IMPORTANT: If fees are not paid by the class payment deadline, the class will be dropped.
        Please visit the Student Payment Office Website for more information.