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Social Sciences
Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Saddleback College

BA/MA Anthropology

As a professor of anthropology, I teach Anthropology 7:  Anthropology of the Southern California Indians, Anthropology 2: Cultural Anthropology, and Anthropology 42: Culture and Food.

My work as Museum Director of Mission San Juan Capistrano for five years focused on the anthropology of the Native California Indians, their ethno-botany, and the anthropology of the Missionization process.

I work with Xela-Aid, an NGO Group, in medical, dental, and women’s health services for the Indigenous Maya in the small village of San Martin Chiquito, Guatemala. My research there has been collecting family health data, children’s anthropometry studies, and OB-gyn profile research. I have also created and conducted family and children’s health seminars in Spanish.

I am a Certified Nutritional Consultant, currently researching and writing for a book on culture and food from Paleolithic times to the present. Since industrialization of traditional foods began, our genetic constitution has not changed; and our human digestive systems and biological makeup  are completely mismatched to the highly refined, sugary, salty,and fatty foods we are now consuming. My research led to the development of the curriculum for Anthropology 42, Culture and Food, offered for the first time at Saddleback College in the Fall of 2008.

Another prominent field of research which I am involved with is genealogy and family histories.  I am currently working on an ethnography of a scientist, William S. Baer, who was a pioneer in modern Bio-therapy.  I have written several other published ethnographies, as well as two children’s anthropology books.  Africa’s Sweet Connection, is a story about an unusual bird and an endangered cultural tradition of the Borana people of Africa.

If You Give a Padre a Peppertree, was written for fourth graders who study California history; and it is a child's interpretation of the California Mission system.