Curriculum Committee

Mission Statement:

To provide learning opportunities for a changing and diverse student population.

Relevant College Mission or Goal:

Provide a comprehensive post-secondary education for students.

Meeting Information:

AGB Conference Room - meets Thursday 3 to 4 pm - Bimonthly (two reps per academic division)

Goals for 2012/13:


Agendas and Minutes 2012/2013

Agendas Minutes












Curriculum Committee ByLaws Approved 3/25/09

2011/12 Curriculum and Gen Ed Meeting Schedule



Chair 2012/13:

Kris Lippien-Christensen

Current Academic Senate Approved 2012-2013 Membership:

  • Marina Aminy, LA
  • Pam Barr, CSSP
  • Cristy Brenner, SBS (alt)
  • Ana Maria Cobos, LR
  • Bob Cosgrove, Academic Senate President
  • Barbara Cox, BS
  • Jody Cox, MSE
  • Steve Crapo, KNES
  • Carolyn Danko, HSHS
  • Tom DeDonno, BS
  • Jennifer Forouzesh, HSHS
  • Lindsay Fox, ATAS
  • Carmenmara Hernandez Bravo, LA
  • Jennifer Higginson, KNES
  • Michael Hoggatt, TCSP
  • Elizabeth Horan, LR (alt)
  • Ken Lee, ATAS (alt)
  • Bill McGuire, FAMT
  • Cliff Meyer, ATAS
  • Ralph Meza (Articulation)
  • Jim Repka, MSE
  • Steve Robertson, FAMT
  • Barbara Tamialis, SBS
  • Pamme Turner, EI
  • Dan Walsh, SBS