Faculty Development Funding


To oversee the disbursement of Faculty Development Funds.

Meeting Times and Location (Tuesdays at 2:00 pm)

September 15, 2015, tba
October 6, 2015, tba
November 3, 2015, tba
December 1, 2015, tba

February 2, 2016, tba 
March 1, 2016, tba  
April 5, 2016, tba 
May 3, 2016, tba

Current Membership (2014-2015)

Diane McGroarty, ATAS (Co-chair)
Wendy Gordon, OELR (Co-chair)

Carol Bander, LA
Cristy Brenner, SBS
Kerry Crabb, KN&A
Alinde Herron, ATAS
Elizabeth Ininns, MSE (Spring)
Maria Kiernan, EI
Phillis Kucharski, HSHS
Bouchra Nadeau. LA
Amina Yassine, LA


Documents and Resources

Faculty Development Funding Website

Faculty Development Funding By-Laws