Category 1 - Learner Support and Resources

A. Information about being an online learner

box.jpg Tips for being a successful online student

box.jpg Quiz to self-assess readiness to be an online student

box.jpg Link to library resources (/library/)

box.jpg Link to campus learning resource center (

box.jpg Link to DSPS office (/dsps/)

box.jpg Contact information for student technical support (/de/student-technical- support/)

box.jpg FAQs for Blackboard

box.jpg Netiquette guidelines (such as

B. Course orientation resources

box.jpg Orientation document or video

box.jpg Course organization is described

box.jpg Contact information for academic department or advisor

box.jpg Link(s) to bookstore(s) to order textbooks or other instructional materials

box.jpg Estimated amount of time needed for completing course requirements

box.jpg Minimum computer hardware and software requirements specific to the course

box.jpg Tutorial(s) for how to use the Blackboard tools (/de/student-technical-support/)

box.jpg Link to off-site testing center if needed

box.jpg Link to faculty and/or department web page

C. Resources supporting course content

box.jpg Link(s) to websites with supporting information relevant to course content

box.jpg Link(s) to websites of organizations or associations related to course content

box.jpg Glossary of terms or links to definitions of new vocabulary

box.jpg Link(s) to learning objects (external to course, such as MERLOT)

box.jpg Link to library resources for research assignments (/library/)

box.jpg Link to LRC tutoring resources (/tutoring)