Category 3 - Instructional Design and Delivery

A. Goals and alignment to learning objectives

box.jpg Pace of delivery of course content is managed

box.jpg Reading and writing requirements are consistent with student abilities and course unit load

box.jpg Course content is "chunked" for more manageable learning

box.jpg Expectations for synchronous vs asynchronous activities are clearly spelled out

B. Course objectives and activities are integrated

box.jpg The match between assignments and student learning outcomes is clearly shown

box.jpg Content delivery and activities are varied and enhance student learning

box.jpg Video and audio clips support course content

box.jpg The order of completion of weekly activities is clearly indicated

box.jpg Instructional materials remain available for repeated viewing

box.jpg Summaries are frequently provided, particularly at the end of discussions or topics

C. Activities to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

box.jpg Discussions center on questions without a single correct answer

box.jpg Activities such as comparing and contrasting exercises, case studies, collaborative exercises, etc. are utilized

box.jpg Assignments rely on applied knowledge

box.jpg Peer feedback on assignments is utilized

box.jpg Portfolios are to share/peer review