Category 5 - Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning

A. Assignment Details

box.jpg Assignment Instructions are clear

box.jpg Assignments expectations are identified (group work, open book, etc.)

box.jpg Consequences of cheating or plagiarism are clear

box.jpg Example Assignments are provided

box.jpg Deadlines are clear

box.jpg Assignments are aligned with learning objectives

box.jpg Criteria used to evaluate participation in online discussion groups (e.g, rubrics)

box.jpg Study guides are provided

B. Multiple assessment strategies

box.jpg Quantity and scope of graded assignments is reasonable

box.jpg When possible, options among assignments are provided to allow for different interests, backgrounds, affiliations, and personal learning styles

box.jpg Students are not assessed solely on tests/quizzes but are provided ample opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in different ways (e.g., discussions, papers, group projects)

box.jpg Assignment deadlines are distributed throughout the semester

C. Regular feedback

box.jpg Feedback turnaround time is clearly stated

box.jpg Frequent and substantial feedback from the instructor

box.jpg Assessment feedback is used as a learning tool (e.g., revisions accepted, common errors addressed)

D. Self-assessments and peer feedback

box.jpg Self-tests are provided

box.jpg Peer review is utilized with clear guidelines

box.jpg Students apply rubric to their own work and describe/defend their score