Saddleback College EPAIt is a professional duty for all faculty members to take responsibility for curriculum and program development in their fields of expertise.  Title 5, section 55002, clearly states that the faculty must be an integral part of all curriculum decisions, and that, in fact, their input must be primarily relied upon as the professional and disciplinary experts at the College.  Therefore, the Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Academic Senate, and all decisions of the committee must be approved by the Senate before being sent to the Board of Trustees for approval.

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for recommending approval of both credit and non-credit courses on the basis of such standards as grading policy, units, prerequisites, academic rigor, course content, course objectives, repeatability, assignments, instructional methodology, and methods of evaluation. 

Curriculum Chair:
Kris Leppien-Christensen
phone: (949) 582-4827

Curriculum Specialist:
Suzie Bugay
Phone: (949) 582-4309

Curriculum Specialist:
Stephanie Di Alto
Phone: (949) 582-4389


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