Faculty Development Funding

Next Funding Cycle Deadline: Friday, August 28, 2015 for September/October Conferences

Due by NOON in AGB #122


  • August 28 - September/October conferences
  • September 25 - October/November conferences
  • October 23 - November/December conferences
  • November 20 - December/January/February conferences
  • January 22 - February/March conferences
  • February 19 - March/April conferences
  • March 18 - April/May conferences
  • April 22 - May/June/July/August conferences

The Faculty Development Committee wants to remind you that Friday, August 28 is the deadline to submit a funding request for conferences held in September and October. 

Remember: No after-the-fact funding is given.

Note:  Effective January 2014, funding maximum increased to: $1,200 for full-time faculty; $600 for associate faculty.

Note: Faculty on sabbatical are not eligible to receive Faculty Development Funds. Please see the Academic Employee Master Agreement.

Required BEFORE Conference for committee review:

Within 30 days after the conference, create an Expense Report to submit in Workday with receipts and Evaluation scanned and uploaded for approval and reimbursement.