Associated Student Government (ASG)

2015-2016 Student Leadership Elections HQ
Associated Student Government

William Vassetizadeh - ASG President
Pontus Goeransson - ASG Vice President
Ishav Singh - Director of Academic Affairs
Garrett Dhillon - Director of the Inter-Club Council (ICC)
Apryl Boyd - Director of Honors, Transfer and Career Technical Education
Pasha Beglar - Director of Student Support Services
Gregory Zaborski - Director of Veterans Affairs and Resources

Congratulations to Lemar Momand,
2015-2016 SOCCCD Student Trustee!





President: William Vassetizadeh



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Associated Student Government (ASG)

ASG is a student-run organization that organizes and promotes campus life events, and also advocates for the student population, with the goal of providing a better experience for students at Saddleback College. 


The Associated Student Government (ASG) plans, organizes, promotes, sponsors, and finances a comprehensive program of activities and services for all Saddleback College students.

Participating in ASG and Campus Clubs gives students the opportunity to learn valuable leadership, organizational, and communication skills which will enhance their college experience and provide a foundation for their future. ASG also provides an excellent opportunity to have a voice in policy making on the campus.

ASG, along with numerous campus clubs, participate in the planning and execution of special events such as: Blood Drives, Club Fairs, Homecoming, Earth Day, Multicultural Day, Campus-Wide BBQs, and many more.

ASG Members are also actively involved in various campus-wide committees such as the Budget Committee, Food & Beverage Committee, and President's Council, to name a few.

The ASG Events Committee and Board of Directors hold regular meetings in the ASG office's conference room, SSC 211C, and the ASG Inter Club Council (ICC) holds their meetings in the Student Lounge, SSC 212.

ASG Committees and Councils