ASG President




A Message from the President:
Hello fellow students,
Congratulations on making a great decision to attend Saddleback College. We are so privileged to attend 
an educational institution that values the input of the student voice, and directly engages in plans of 
action to optimize student success. It is so important for us as students to take advantage of these 
amazing resources and get involved with our campus and peers. By engaging with other students, 
faculty, and staff, we form vital connections that give our education a purpose. I encourage everybody 
to actively seek out communities they can join; no matter the purpose, the simple act of participating in 
a team setting to facilitate change builds the essential characteristics of a successful student. To leave 
Saddleback College with a quality education, we must be eclectic in our involvement and find a balance 
where our development is optimized. I am so honored to represent such an incredible student body. As 
President, I will be an advocate for the student voice, use my power justly to make positive change on 
our campus, and work with ASG to build leaders driven to connect the student body. I look forward to a 
year invested in growth, community, and chasing dreams.
See you around campus!
- Sarvy Pahlavan


Vice President: Nina Alavi

A Message from the Vice President:

Hello! I'm Nina Alavi and I'm the Vice President of Saddleback's Associated Student Government. This is my third and final year here at Saddleback and also my third year serving as an officer on ASG. Before I chose to get involved with my campus, I was lost and didn't know where to start. The years I've spent on student government have lead me to a copious amount of opportunities and experiences I couldn't of gained on my own. I love this school and want to use my time left here to lead and inspire others.

"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."