ASG President



President: William Vassetizadeh

A Message from the President:

Saddleback College is a place to learn, grow and reach new heights. This exceptional institution is filled with opportunities and resources to help you succeed in the areas of your life that matter to you most. Here you have opportunity.

From the Student Clubs to the Health Center I encourage every student to find out about, and use the wide variety of tools available on campus. I’ve seen a lot of students take advantage of the awesome services our school provides, and hope you will do the same.

The Student Government encourages you to share your values, thoughts and beliefs with others. We want to create a welcoming environment where everyone is represented fairly and accurately. As Saddleback College’s Associated Student Government President I urge you to get involved and voice your opinions and concerns to us! We need your support to do the best job we can.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time by visiting

Good luck, get involved, and never give up!


William Vassetizadeh