Events Committee


events_0.jpgThe Events Committee plans and executes campus events that are sponsored by the Associated Student Government. The events planned are designed to incorporate as many students as possible and encourage them to participate in campus life.  Events planned and implemented by the Events Committee include: Blood Drives, Homecoming, Food Drives, Earth Week and much more

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 2:00 - 3:00PM





Director of Events: Iman Moujtahed

A Message from the Director:

Starting at Saddleback in Spring 2011, I have ventured into many different paths and discovered so many amazing experiences through the diversity in classes that I've chosen to take. As a triple major, you can imagine I have many areas of study to cover, but going even beyond that has given me an educational depth that is invaluable to me. I love expanding my knowledge within my interests and have a constant desire for learning, as I feel it fuels my growth, depth, perception, and understanding of myself and all that around me. I have a passion in mental health awareness, suicide prevention, eliminating false stigmas, beliefs, and perceptions, and helping people. I love piano, music, singing, art, photography, figure skating, speed skating, dance, ballet, fashion (though nothing that's really in style), movies, reading, and writing. I have a deep interest in psychology, learning about medicines, and fashion history of the Gothic to Edwardian Era. I am a digital artist, photographer, and writer. This Fall I will have my 3rd publication in The Wall literary journal and was honored to have my photomanipulation "Writings on The Wall" featured as the cover of 2013's edition. Besides my endless amount of units, I have been a part of Saddleback's Psi Beta & Psychology Club since 2011, planning events, publicizing, and serving as the club's ICC rep. In 2013 I received the ASG Volunteer of The Year award and then officially became a part of ASG in Fall that same year as Events Committee's Officer of Community Service. I am now honored to have been voted in as Director of Events and have an endless amount of ideas to stem off of for this year! Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, concerns, or ideas you may have for Events Committee!