Electronic Technology

Electronics StudentThe Electronic Technology program serves three main purposes: 

  1. to provide certificate programs to prepare the student for a multitude of careers as an electronic technician
  2. to provide electronics skill upgrading or updating for improved job-related technical competency
  3. to prepare students for transfer to university Engineering Technology or industrial Technology programs.


The certificates available through the Electronic Technology programs include and are found in the College Catalog under Certificates and Degrees - Electronics:
   General Electronic Technology Certificate
   Analog and Digital Circuit Technology Certificate
   Digital Electronic Technology Certificate

Employment Opportunities:

Job prospects are excellent for entry-level technicians and technologists in companies involved in the manufacture, installation, testing, repair, service and sales of electronic components and equipment such as:

  • Parker Hannifin
  • Cox Communications
  • Fortan Source
  • Western Digital
  • Endevco

The program curriculum and equipment are reviewed regularly by local electronics companies to ensure that the graduate can work effectively in the current electronics industry and adapt to new electronic products and technologies.

With further education and experience these TYPES OF EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES may be available to you:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronic Technologist
  • Electronic Engineer

For more information, please contact our staff below.

Eugene Evancoe  View profile information for Eugene Evancoe  Preview personal webpage for Eugene Evancoe
Electronic Technology Instructor
(949) 582-4879
Thomas Smith  View profile information for Thomas Smith
Sr. Lab Technician, Electronics
(949) 582-4780

Gainful Employment Disclosure Statements

Federal regulations require higher education institutions to disclose information regarding the success of its students in certificate programs that lead to employment.

The information includes graduation rates, estimated education costs, median debt of students who completed programs, and other information designed to help students make better-informed choices about colleges and universities they select.

Analog and Digital Circuit

Digital Electronic Technology

General Electric Technology