Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies Cactus ImageEnvironmental Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with an integrated and critical knowledge of the natural environment and the relationships and interactions humans have with it. The program provides students with the understanding that environmental challenges face every aspect of society, and it provides them with the skills needed to help solve these complex problems through cooperation and negotiation with the different and often competing stakeholders. The program combines classroom, laboratory and field study instruction giving students a well-rounded preparation in the field of environmental studies.

The curriculum in the Environmental Studies Associate Degree program is designed to provide the student the opportunity to achieve an Associate Degree. While a baccalaureate or a higher degree is recommended for those considering professional careers related to this field, earning the Associate Degree would demonstrate commitment to the major and may support attempts to gain entry-level employment.

Employment Opportunities:

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Conservation Biology
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Geologist
Risk Assessment Scientist
County Parks Ranger
State Parks Ranger
Federal Parks Ranger
Ecological Restoration Technician

With further education and experience these types of employment opportunities may be available to you:

Bear in the mountains   Wildlife Biologist
   Environmental Psychologist
   Environmental Planning
   Environmental Law

For more information, please contact our staff below.


Morgan Barrows View profile information for Morgan Barrows Preview personal webpage for Morgan Barrows
Environmental Studies Instructor
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Brittany Poloni View profile information for Brittany Poloni
Senior Lab Technician(Sub), Environ. Studies
(949) 348-6169
John Richards View profile information for John Richards
Environmental Studies Instructor
(949) 582-4579

Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement

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The information includes graduation rates, estimated education costs, median debt of students who completed programs, and other information designed to help students make better-informed choices about colleges and universities they select.

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