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English Composition Instructor
Division of Liberal Arts
Saddleback College

Brett Garcia Myhren has a PhD in literature and an MFA in creative writing.  He teaches all levels of composition as well as literature and creative writing, often using online tools to facilitate learning inside and outside the classroom.  With funding from a state grant, he is developing a suite of online tools for basic skills instruction.  He is also the chair of the Online Education committee for the English department and the Faculty Coordinator for online education at Saddleback College.

His scholarship explores the literature, history, and culture of California and the Southwest.  He co-edited  Road to Nowhere and other New Stories from the Southwest (University of New Mexico Press, 2013) and published an essay in Immigrants in the Far West (University of Utah, 2015).  In addition to his teaching and scholarship, he is an editor for the Southern California Quarterly, an academic journal published by the University of California Press.

Students who are interested in taking a class with Prof. Myhren or who have general questions about his classes should visit the following website for more information.