Program Resources for Faculty, Staff and Administrators

Getting Help

Is a 10-minute, narrated video that provides students with information on the College Mental Health Program.  Topics covered in the presentation include crisis intervention counseling, mental health problems frequently experienced by college students, where to go on campus for free personal counseling, how to schedule an appointment, and information on confidentiality and privacy.


It is strongly recommended that all faculty members show this important power point presentation to all of their classes so that students remain fully informed about the mental health resources that are available to them.  The most advantageous time to air this presentation is during the first week of classes when you are reviewing your syllabus and other campus information.

In addition, it is recommended that all staff members have an opportunity to view this presentation each semester so that they, too, remain informed about the mental health resources available to students and about how to refer a student who needs personal counseling.

"Tell Me Something I Don’t Know"

The Student Health Center provides a two-hour presentation on college binge drinking and alcohol poisoning.  The goals of this program are to inform students how to help their friends by (1) knowing the symptoms of problem drinking habits, (2) recognizing the signs of alcohol poisoning, and (3) knowing how to help a friend who is intoxicated or who may have alcohol poisoning.   This program can be presented to individual classes, or to special interest groups such as campus clubs or organizations.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Presentations

Presentations by the CIT to faculty, staff, and academic departments and divisions focus on recognizing a student’s crisis, managing a crisis, and referring students to the CIT for immediate intervention. To schedule a CIT Presentation, please contact Dr. Maryam Azary, Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator, at

Mental Health Awareness:  Special Topic Presentations

Upon request, the College Mental Health Program counselors are able to coordinate special topic presentations and workshops for students, faculty, staff or administrators.  Presentations may be focused on any student mental health issue (e.g., depression, anxiety and stress, suicide awareness, communication skills).  Each program is individually tailored to the specific audience, and is a combination of didactic presentation and participant interaction.