Psychological or Medical Student Appointments with Medical Professionals or Counselors


Appointments are scheduled through the Student Health Center with a doctorate level psychology interns, a Clinical Psychologist, Medical Physician or Registered Nurse.

Student Services provides professional counseling faculty who are available to students and provide Academic, Career, Transfer, Personal, and Crisis Counseling. Their holistic approach allows them to assess and identify each student’s needs and commence with brief counseling. At times, there is not a clear objective in the student’s mind as to why he/she is meeting with the counselor or he/she does not want staff to know why an appointment is being scheduled. The student may make the appointment indicating he/she wants academic advisement, but as the discussion develops, issues of a personal nature arise that need to be addressed prior to academic advisement taking place. In some cases, counselors refer the student to other on campus or off campus resources, as appropriate.

To arrange an appointment at the Student Health Center you may telephone or come to the center. The Office Assistant will schedule an appointment for you at the first available time. If you wish to request a specific counselor, you may do so. Otherwise, you will be assigned to a therapist who has the most immediate opening. You may call at anytime during the semester to request a session.

First Appointment

To schedule your first appointment, come to the Health Center at SSC 177 or call (949) 582-4606. Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your first appointment in order to complete necessary paperwork. During your first session, your counselor will listen to your concerns and will discuss your goals for counseling. Also, your counselor will help you to identify possible options and alternatives for meeting your needs.

Regular Appointments

Counseling appointments always begin on the hour and last one hour. It is important that you arrive on time so that you receive the best possible service. When an appointment must be missed, you must call or come to the Student Health Center to cancel or reschedule.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention is available during the regular hours of the Student Health Center. You do not need a pre-scheduled appointment to see a counselor if you are experiencing a true crisis.

When urgent on-campus emergencies occur outside of Student Health Center hours, please contact the Campus Police at (949) 582-4585 or (949) 582-4444.