Exploration Stage

On-Campus Resources

  • Speak to your Counselors, instructors and other students
  • Visit the Career Services in SSC 140
  • Visit Job Services at www.Saddleback.edu/jobs and create an account on Gaucho Jobs (User name is your college's email. Follow directions at website)

In the Center:
*Use Vocational Biographies (IE Favorites), and link at our career navigation page.
*Check out books from the career/transfer library. 
* View Career Exploration Videos in Career and Re-Entry Center, SSC 140.
* Use EBooks located at the College Library's website. You must enter your sign in information from off-campus.

Information on choosing a Major:
What Can I Do with a Major with...
In the Career Center (the link is located ont the Navigation Page, What Can I do with a Major In...) 
* Explore Major - Saddleback College
* Explore Major - Univ. of North Carolina, Wilmington
* Explore Major - Univ. of Delaware
* Explore Major - University of California, Berkeley
* Explore Major - K State (Kansas)
* Explore Major - Cal State University, Fullerton
* Explore Major - Cal State University, Long Beach & Career Planning Strategies
* Explore Major - MyPlan


Suggested On-line Links:

Research Occupational Information
* Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) - Occupational Information
* O*Net - Occupational Information
* California Occupational Guides  

* CA Career Zone - Holland Assessment and Occupational Information
* CDM CareerZone - From the State of New York, similar to CA Career Zone - Explore Careers and locate openings near you
* Career Info. Net - Career Exploration Videos and Occupational Information
* CA Labor Market Career Center - Career/Occupational Information for California

Career Specific Occupational Information and Professional Associations:
* Insurance Careers - From the California Insurance Industry for students, employers and educators
* Gaming Association - International Game Developers Association 
* Game Career Guide - Explains gaming industry but hosts many non-accredited schools
* CaCareerCafe.Com - Why belong to an Association? Lookup associations by industry

Salary Check 
*Salary.com - Salary Wizard, check pay rates by Zip code (Don't need to give email)

Job and Preparation Information
* Internships, Part-time Work - Gaucho Jobs and College assistance
* Agricultural Internships - AgCareers.com 
* Green Careers - CaGreenJobs Workbook (pdf) 
* CA Labor Market Career Center - Career/Occupational Information for California
* US News and World Reports - Work and Career
* The Career Journal - Part of the Wall Street Journal
* Non-Traditional Careers - Nontraditional careers with Online Courses for learning about specific careers 

Study Abroad, Internships and other educational and volunteer opportunities 
* Internships with the County of Orange
* Volunteer Center Orange County
* TeachSoCal - Southern California Teacher Recruitment and Support Center
* Cal Teach - Statewide information on teaching in California
* Edjoin.org - Search all jobs for k-12 school districts in Orange County 
* Study Abroad - One of many companies to assist to place you
* Study Abroad - Here is another company
* Teaching English Abroad - One of many companies
* DC Internships - DC internship opportunities 
* FAA Training - How to become an Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS)

Employment /Location Information
* Career Trends - Bureau of Labor Statistics (box to the right... Hottest Jobs) 
* Hoover's - Research Companies and the people that work for them (via library hoovers.com)
* FireCareers.com - Testimonials and Bulletin Boards - not non-profit
* The Blue Line.com - Search jobs in public safety sector 
* Electrical Careers - Part of the Independent Electrical Contractors Association 

On-line Career Videos Links:
* Alberta Canada - Career Videos
* Job Dango - Career Videos 
* Career Voyages Videos,  Magazine (Mag. suited for Teens) and Hot Jobs
* Center for Excellence Videos

Major, Career and College Exploration Links:
* Major and Career Profiles (CollegeBoard.org)
* Assist.org - Explore Colleges in California
* College Search (CollegeNet.com)
* College Search (CollegeBoard.org)

For questions or comments, please contact Don Mineo at dmineo@saddleback.edu 
Saddleback College does not promote one specific web site and would not suggest to utilized pay sites unless the student researches the product.