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2014-2015 Catalog

Academic Calendar (2014-2015)

Introductory Section (2014-2015)
District Mission, President's Message, Administration and Academic Divisions. Goals, Informacion en Español, Admission Requirements, Matriculation Services, Registration, Fees/Refunds/Credits, Support Services, Activities/College Life, Rights and Responsibilities,
Academic Regulations, Honors, Experiential Credit, Alternative Credit Options,
Graduation Requirements.

Degrees, Certificates, and Awards Index (2014-2015)

Certificates and Degrees (2014-2015)
Certificates, Associate in Arts Degrees, Associate in Science Degrees.

Articulation/Transfer Patterns (2014-2015)
California State University General Education Requirements; University of California general information, transfer courses, General Education Breadth Requirements; IGETC-Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum; CAN-California Articulation Number; Transfer Major Patterns.

Saddleback Courses (2014-2015)
Course Numbering System Defined; Prerequisites, Co requisites, Limitations and Recommended Preparations, Repeating Courses, Models for Repeating Courses, Course Listing.

Emeritus Courses (2014-2015)
Emeritus Course listing.

Administration and Faculty (2014-2015)
District Administrators, Saddleback College Administrators and Faculty, Emeriti.

Index (2014-2015)

Addendum (2014-2015)


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