Community Education, Emeritus Institute, And K-12 Partnerships

Over the past several years, Saddleback College has greatly expanded and enhanced its K-12 efforts and partnerships, as well as growing its Community Education Program and remaining firmly committed to meeting the educational needs of older adults through the Emeritus Institute. Recognizing the future needs and growth in these community education arenas, Saddleback College consolidated several departments and created the new Division of Community Education, Emeritus Institute and K-12 Partnerships to manage and strengthen these programs and initiatives more effectively.


Dr. Estella Castillo-Garrison  View profile information for Estella Castillo-Garrison
(949) 582-4646

Daniel Predoehl   View profile information for Daniel Predoehl 
Director of Emeritus Institute
(949) 582-4835

Leslie Humphrey  View profile information for Leslie Humphrey
Director of Outreach and Recruitment

(949) 582-4272

Janet Miller  View profile information for Janet Miller
Senior Administrative Assistant

(949) 582-4447

Community Education

Phone: (949) 582-4646
Location: CE Building,

Emeritus Institute

Phone: (949) 582-4835
Location: HS 244,

K-12 Students

Phone: (949) 582-4646
Location: CE Building, Map

Outreach and Recruitment

Phone: (949) 582-4218
Location: AGB 130

Adult Education

Phone: (949) 582-4646
Location: CE Building, Map