Career Guidance Services

career_1.jpgServices are available to students. Services may be limited to recent graduate and may not include community members, depending on staffing. Career Guidance Services instruct students on topics that include:

  • Career books and resources (including online systems)
  • Information regarding majors, demographics of jobs, some labor statistics and how to find a major offered
  • Educational and training information of non-traditional students and academic programs (usually does not include non-accredited institutions)
  • Basic information relating financial aid, grants and scholarships
  • Support for transfer programs and majors
  • Library materials on scholarship information
  • Support of verification of enrollment for unemployment benefits related programs
  • Instruction on career related topics for Applied Psychology courses and other classroom activities
  • Information to research distance education opportunities and programs
  • K-14 continuing education, ROP, College, and training information to research programs including college and university catalogs
  • Consortium support for Tech Prep and CTE programs
  • Support for the career counseling program and any courses that require exploration of career
  • Information relating to the various standardized testing and test prep companies
  • Other assessments and resources (online and in-person) which may include; interest, values, aptitudes, skills and personality assessments, (some licensed assessments may require college counseling appointments and will require a nominal fee)