Help Recruit a New VP!

Dear Colleagues,

As many of you are already aware, Carol Hilton is retiring this month.  She leaves a proud legacy of sound fiscal management and clear-eyed leadership in support of the institution's effectiveness.  As a senior executive with a broad portfolio--facilities, IT, business services, the police force and other areas--Carol has served with grace and kindness, even as she weathered multiple transitions and helped the college overcome various challenges.

Governance Retreat

Dear Colleagues,

So far, these Monday messages have been dedicated to the informal side of leadership and institutional culture.  That focus has been selfish, as I function best in an institution where I know and feel--on a deeply personal level--what matters to the members of that organization.  That's why I search out multiple opportunities to connect with you in ways that are as inclusive as possible.

Between Breaks

I’d like to start off this morning with a hearty endorsement of Undocumented, this year’s choice for One Book One College.  You can of course read any number of thoughtful, nuanced, and insightful reviews online, and the socio-political context that informs those reviews is worthy of attention in its own right.  For now, however, I just want to say that I really, really enjoyed the book.  So I encourage all of you to read it, perhaps over the next holiday break.  For more info, see the ob1

Giving Thanks -- This Week and Every Week

Good morning,

In each of these Monday morning communications, I’ve attempted to convey my profound appreciation to everyone in this college who dedicates energy, intellect, and passion to help us get better, and deliver on the promise of opportunity.  That palpable and prevalent gratitude is felt by others too, and I get to hear about it every single day, whether speaking with students or out in the community.  So I start this week by giving thanks.

Monday Missives

Hello Saddleback!

These communications arose out of an intent to reach colleagues across the campus.  What I didn’t know, however, is that they’d become an ongoing fixture of my Monday morning routine.  Your responses every week—both in person and by email—have shown me that this is a great opportunity to share thoughts and perspectives to all of you who impact the lives of our students every day.   As a quick reminder, the messaging is informal, unofficial, and in no way to be construed as required reading.   


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