My Academic Plan

For students starting Fall 2014 and continuing students who break continuous enrollment. A MAP (My Academic Plan) is REQUIRED once a student has completed 15 units or by the end of their 3rd semester, whichever comes first. Students MUST have a MAP reviewed and approved by a counselor on MySite.
  • Students who want a Saddleback College certificate, a two-year degree, or who want to transfer to a four-year university must have a comprehensive MAP approved by a counselor.
  • Students must declare a major by the time they enroll in their second semester.  Undecided students should enroll in a Counseling 140 or 160 course during the first semester. 
  • Contact Saddleback College Counseling Office at (949) 582-4572 or go to SSC 167 for more information.


How to Create a MAP
Click here to view the MAP Tutorial Videos

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the MySite link and log in with your student ID number and PIN.

Step 3: Students that have completed the Matriculation process will have already started a plan when they did their First Semester Plan. You can continue that plan by clicking on the link that reads "MyPlans" and then click on the plan name to open it.

Step 4: If you have not completed a First Semester Plan, you can start your plan by clicking on either the First Semester Plan link or the New Plan link.

Step 5: Get your MAP reviewed and approved by scheduling a counseling appointment.  Don't wait, get started now!

**Remember, failure to complete a MAP that is approved by a counselor will DELAY your registration**