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Classified Senate Team Awesome Recognition

The Classified Senate Team Awesome Recognition (CSTAR) program is intended to show appreciation and recognition of outstanding classified staff members for exceptional contributions each month and service to our campus or our students.

Any staff, faculty, or manager may submit a CSTAR nomination to recognize a classified staff member for their special effort or service on campus.  

Each Month, CSTAR Recipients will receive the following:

  • CSTAR Certificate of Appreciation along with a copy of the nomination.
  • All recipients will be entered into a monthly drawing for a chance to win a prize.
  • Prizes will have a monetary value of no more than $20.
  • Each monthly winner will be recognized on the CSTAR webpage.

September 2016 CSTAR Nominees & Winner

Teresa Camacho - Winner of September 2016 Classified Senate Team Awesome Recognition!
Darline Arroyo
Ellen Poling
Janet Jacob
Joyce Speakman
Linda Hall
Matt Brodet
Nick Potter
Rola Murtada
Yvonne Belardes