Request for Classified Development Funds

Initially we need the following documents:  (Funding is not automatic and may be denied based on parameters listed, funding committee review or senate review)

Please pay attention to the Funding Deadlines and submit accordingly.

  • Complete your 2012-2013 Classified Staff Development Funding Request Form with your signature and administrator’s signature
  • Conference brochures (printed or website) verifying registration fees, dates and location highlighted for review.
  • Must include documentation of lodging and transportation costs highlighted for review
  • If Pre Payment please fill out Prepayment Form
  • Submit completed request and documentation to Classified Staff Development Committee/Treasurer

Within 30 days after the conference we need:

  • A SOCCCD Reimbursement Claim Form with your name, address and the amount  of the claim (indicate the individual expenses not exceeding the amount you were awarded) with your signature
  • Original receipts totaling the amount you were awarded *
  • Classified Staff Development Funding Conference Evaluation form with your signature
  • Submit complete SOCCCD Reimbursement Claim Form- located on MySite, original receipts, and Evaluation Form to Classified Staff Development Committee/Treasurer.  Future funding will be affected without all completed forms.


Resource Documents

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ARCC 2010 Report
ARCC 2011 Report

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