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(949) 582-4572
Div of Counseling Srvs & Special Progrms
Saddleback College

M.S Miami University (Ohio); Personnel (Higher Ed) Counseling
B.S Miami University (Ohio); Business Finance

(IF you seek an APC to add Counseling 160 (formerly known as 'APSY 160'), scroll to the bottom of this profile for further information on if/how I issue APC's.)

Thank you for your interest in reading this profile. It WILL help you learn more of me, my counseling, the course that I teach (Counseling 160), and Saddleback College.

I have been at Saddleback College since 1991 and a Professor/ Counselor since 1998. I am one of 17 full-time counselors. The California Community College System has been my professional home since 1975. By implication, I am 'old', yet I'm a firm believer that "age is a frame of mind", and that your life 'attitude' sets the tone for everything you do. This approach frames my teaching, my counseling, and how I live my own life.

As a counselor, I cover the gamut of academic, career and personal counseling. I would add that everything we do for and with the student is 'personal' to that student! My working philosophy is that YOU have the power to make personal choices leading to a fulfilling life. A 'fulfilling life' includes all sevens day of the week! My goal in my class, and in counseling, is for you to understand, capture, and be responsible to the power that you possess. Gain confidence in your ability to take worthy risks, make good decisions! It's YOUR life! Work at it! Learn to enjoy working at it!

As a generalist counselor, we serve all students. I welcome individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, good and poor academic experiences, life styles, and majors (including 'undecided'). I do have three student populations where my experience has lead to some specialization additional to generalist counseling. These specialties are separate yet many times overlap: career counseling; pre-nursing/nursing; and student's who have had academic difficulties leading to probation. (For those of you interested in career counseling, I strongly recommend Counseling 160 as the best approach, yet there are other possible avenues)

Once again, I DO WELCOME ALL STUDENTS for either individual counseling or enrolling in my Career Exploration (COUN 160) class.

Speaking of: MORE ABOUT THE CLASS: I teach two sections each Fall and Spring semester: ALWAYS on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 9:45 pm and always on Tue & Thur morning 7:30 - 8:45 am. I promise, you will have no parking challenge for a 7:30 am class.

The subtitle for my classes is "Take Charge!" You may learn more about this class (and me) by visiting my faculty web site linked to this profile at the very top of this page (immediately below the counseling office phone number).

Once at my faculty web site, 'student comments' may assist your decision about Counseling 160.
These are anecdotal statements written by former students during some point in their class experience. (Note again, the class title was formerly APSY 160 therefore the historic references may refer to such. COUN 160 = APSY 160

For students registered for the class, updated course materials are posted on BLACKBOARD near the start of each respective semester. Yet, the materials posted as part my faculty web site are a fair , if somewhat historical representation of the course.

MORE ABOUT ME and Saddleback College: I am one member of the College Crisis Intervention Team, a support service for students who find themselves in need of urgent assistance. Students in need of urgent assistance may approach either the Counseling Division or the Health Center. If you spot another student in need, please do not hesitate to make a referral, even walking them over.

Among the other committees or activities where I participate: Counseling Technology, Academic Appeals, Scholarship Selection, Freshman Advantage, and Commencement. I am also an active contributor to the Saddleback College Foundation.

MORE ABOUT ME BEYOND Saddleback College: Previous institutions of higher learning where I have hung my professional hat: Cabrillo College (Aptos, Ca); Monmouth College (Illinois); Illinois Wesleyan University (Bloomington, Ill). I was also an Air Traffic Controller in the US Air Force, stationed in San Antonio, Texas; Biloxi, Mississippi; Clark Air Base Philippines; and Siskiyou County Airport (Montague, Ca)

My interests beyond the college are family; friends; golf, and more golf. I have served on the Board of Directors of The San Clemente Golf (Men's) Club, including a year as Club President. Originally from Ohio; I have lived in California for over 40 years with 'my bride' Deanie. She is the love of my life, a native of California. She was born in extreme Northern California (Yreka) in Siskiyou County, known to some as "God's Country"! We met when I was stationed there in the Air Force.

I live what I teach. I enjoy working at living seven days a week, every week. Work hard! Play hard! Learn your part in the world. Be responsible for your life! Respect and learn from others! Enjoy the voyage!

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. If you've made it this far, you must be considering Saddleback College for one reason or another. IF you choose either my class or counseling service, I look forward to working with you. Jump on board!

If not, know that Saddleback College IS one very special place for many reasons. Opportunities abound here that frequently have a powerfully launching and positive impact for the individual.

"Go get 'em" either way!

Respectfully, Doug Barr

Seeking an APC? Read the following carefully. I provide details herein NOT to discourage you. The tasks required are minimal, but necessary. Please Read On!

I do NOT automatically provide APC's depending on the timing of your request and whether the class is full (or not).

If the class is FULL, and you attend the first week, I will assign you tasks for the next meeting. If you present those tasks required, I WILL issue you an APC.

If the class is OPEN in the first week, and "instructor permission required" it means you're seeking this class 'late', perhaps not attending the initial session/first week. Seat availability is not a problem, but you may still need to complete tasks before receiving an APC. Send me an email request (link above & built into the class schedule).

I rarely provide an APC the second week of the term for who just 'show up' without any prior communication with me and/or no tasks yet completed. Yet, show up anyway! The process for instructors providing APC's is NOT an exact science.