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Thank you for visiting my faculty profile. My name is Dounia Gonzalez and I am an anthropologist specializing in the four-field approach to anthropology as follows: 1. Biological Anthropology, 2. Cultural Anthropology, 3. Linguistics, and 4. Archaeology.

My research interests are environmental anthropology and I am currently researching the Tijuana Watershed and the interactions between US/Mexico environmental policy and the population that shares the border. Anthropology allows the flexibility to research relevant environmental and social concerns with a holistic and comparative approach.

Anthropology is an exciting and dynamic field of study that I love to share with students in the classroom. I bring in real-world experiences and life travels into class that challenge our naturalized concepts of life within Orange County. Anthropology shares with students that there more ways than one to experience our world's diverse cultures and environments.

Welcome to the exciting field of Anthropology!