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(949) 582-4205
Social & Behavioral Sciences Associate Faculty
Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Saddleback College
Ph.D. United States International University (Alliant University)

A.G.S. Advanced Graduate Specialist Degree:  University of Maryland, College Park, Md. 1984 ( Psychological- Rehabilitation Counseling )

M.A. HOOD COLLEGE, Frederick Maryland 1977 –CLINICAL  PSYCHOLOGY. (Drug and Alcohol Emphasis)

B.S. James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia 1973

Dr. Bob Matthews Joined Saddleback College in September of 1999. Dr. “Bob” as he is affectionately known currently is a psychologist with the State of California Department of Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation in Laguna Hills, Ca. He functions out of the greater San Diego DOR District Office providing a wide range of psychological services to many clients needing assistance.
He brings to the academic arena approximately 28 years of teaching experience in psychology and in criminal justice.

He has worked for Saddleback College, Mt.San Jacinto College, Utah State University in the Uintah Basin campuses of Vernal and Roosevelt,  Utah and has also taught at Weber State College in Utah as well. In addition to this he worked at UCR Riverside and at the Hagerstown Jr.College in Hagerstown, Maryland. (Near to the underground Pentagon at Camp David Md.)

Professional Experiences:
12 Years with the United State Public Health Service- Indian Health Service under the direction of the U.S. Surgeon General . He  has  lived on Indian reservations and work exclusively with only Native American populations during these years as a Supervisory Clinical Psychologist; (6yrs. U & O -Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation in Northeastern Utah.)

6 Years - U.S.P.H.S. Indian Health Service - As a Supervisory Clinical Psychologist  G M 180-13 at the Sherman Indian High School Health Center where he Directed the 2.2.millon dollar Medical ambulatory facility and Drug and Alcohol /Behavioral Treatment Programs for the 800 Native American Adolescent Indians who resided at the boarding school for 10 months a year. (They spoke  43 different languages and originated from 77 different tribal affiliations) 

Office of the Surgeon General -Federal Bureau of Prisons -Clinical Psychologist /Lt.Commander -Directed Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs. Team Leader for Development and Intervention Programs DOJ .
Segregation reviews /Performed Federal Parole Evaluations & "Special Assignments for security ops") .

U.S. Coast Guard , San Pedro ,Ca. 
 Billet : Clinical Scientist Officer  :L C D R  Lt.Commander
Provided Psychological  services to the Flag Officer and  staff  at TI.

U.S. NAVAL BASE , Long Beach Ca.  Lt.Commander : Provided psychological services to the staff under the direction of the base commander .

Lt.Commander U.S.P.H.S.-O.S.G. Federal Department of Justice -Bureau of Prisons . Operated  with  USPHS-DOJ-BOP Evaluating Organized Crime  Provided Psychological Assessments  / Loretto , Pa.

State of Ca. Dept. of Corrections Chino State Prisons.
POSITION  Clinical Psychologist -TEAM LEADER
Performed "1203" Pre sentencing psychological evaluations for the Ca. CDC  DOJ - Ca.Parole Commission and worked with the  Superior Court Judges like Lance Ito and Judge Fugisaki *  ( O. J .Simpson and Robert Blake  type of cases)  (SEGREGATION AND SPECIAL UNITS) .

Maryland State Dept. of Corrections Hagerstown, Maryland   Position was as a Correctional Clinical Psychologist  I 

Johns Hopkins University  ,Baltimore, Maryland  worked in conjunction with the  Maryland State Dept.  Corrections .

U.S. Department of  Justice  OSG BOP on  Hostage Negotiations: FBI Team leader with the U.S. FED D.O.J. (Billet : Clinical Scientist Officer LT.Commander -Clinical Psychologist)

Prior : United States Marine Corps: Attended Officers Candidate School, Quantico, VA. C- Co 4th Platoon  MCDEC

Currently Commissioned as an Lt.Commander Office of the Surgeon General – Billet: Clinical Scientist Officer U.S.P.H.S -OSG.Detatchment -Federal DOJ.

 1992 FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center-GLENCO  Georgia )
Class # 265 *Top of Class in Specialized training for the U.S. D.O.J .B.O.P 
OSG  5  ( Weapons trained/ marital arts/ hostage negotiations )
PUBLICATIONS: Dissertation :

Numerous other publications on the web page.


2  Letters from the White House by President Ronald Reagan  congratulating me on  the outstanding work accomplished with Native Americans 
for 12 years

9  Achievement Medals/ Hazardous Duty medals/ from the Surgeon Generals Antonia Novella/ C. Everett KOOP/ J.Elders/ Secretary HHS etc.

Psi Chi National Honor Society

Exceptional Performance Award from the U.S. Public Health Service- Indian Health Services (Only psychologist to have ever received this award since 1955.)

*Many other awards including commendations and community awards as well as academic awards.

PERSONAL: I enjoy gardening with my wife Vicki and being with her chickens, our 2 LABRADOR MIX dogs, 3 cats and spending time with my family. I enjoy U.S. maritime history and read about the Civil War and current Maritime  innovations .  I dabble into my Maltese, Polish, Native American and Scottish History and what impact they had on America. I am from one of the "original 500 founding families in America" and therefore I have an interest in this as well.