Alternate Media Production

Alternate Media Production Office Location: Village 23-1

Please submit your alternate media requests early so your materials are ready when you are!

Alternate Media

Textbooks, instructional materials, and other printed information being converted to another format such as Braille, large print, or electronic text. The United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has held that the three basic components of effective communication include: "timeliness of delivery, accuracy of the translation, and provision in a manner and medium appropriate to the significance of the message and the abilities of the individual with the disability.

Alternate Media Production Policies

Saddleback College will make available, upon request, in alternate media, any publication it offers to the general public such as the college catalog, announcements about cultural or recreational events sponsored by the college, job announcements, etc.  Nevertheless, since most requests are likely to come from students, the primary focus in these guidelines will be to provide instructional materials in accessible formats.