Dorothy Marie Lowry Distinguished Guest Lecture Series

  Dorothy Marie Lowry Distinguished Guest Lecture Series

   Spring 2017:

January 20 - May 5

Register for Class Section # 20375

HUM 204x: Modern World Culture

Laguna Woods Village, Clubhouse 3 Auditorium

9:30am - 11:20am

Faculty Moderator: Mr. Rob Henry, RN

The Dorothy Marie Lowry Distinguished Guest Lecture Series, presented by the Saddleback College Emeritus Institute each spring semester, welcomes sixteen local and national educators, artists, sociologists, scientists, political activists, and scholars to involve students in critical thought and discourse.

Recognized as a premier speaker series throughout South Orange County attracting over 300 students for each weekly lecture, the Emeritus Institute is pleased to promote lifelong learning by engaging students’ minds and bodies through the insight, education, and experiences of its distinguished guest lecturers. 


2017 Dorothy Marie Lowry Distinguished Guest Lecturers

  • January 20 - Ms. Marissa Roth - The Crossing
  • January 27 - Professor Randy Hardick - Who is Going to Save You Anyway?
  • February 3 - Mr. John Jung - Learning the Chinese American History Left Out of School Books
  • February 10 - Dr. Becky Martinez - Engaging Across the Identities of Race, Class, and Age
  • February 24 - Ms. Betty Tom Chu - Being Positive Facing Discrimination
  • March 3 - Mr. Reza Abedi - American Wings, Iranian Roots
  • March 10 - Dr. Ahmed Soboh - Being Muslim in America
  • March 17 - Mr. Bruce Hall - Blind Sightedness
  • March 31 - Ms. Karen Blanco & Mr. Tom Roberts- In Our Voices
  • April 7 - Ms. Denise Welch - Senior Scams and Lost Dollars
  • April 14 - Mr. Terence Nelson - Journey Home: Our Modern Day United States Military Veterans Transition to Civilian Life
  • April 21 - Mr. Henryk Szostak - Alaska to Ushuaia
  • April 28 - Ms. Michelle Wulfestieg - Hospice: Getting it Right
  • May 5 - Ms. Audra DiPadova - Innovating Standard of Care for Pediatric Cancers

Speakers are subject to change without notice.