EOPS / CARE & CalWORKs Staff

Dr. Georgina Guy red man icon
EOPS/CARE Coordinator
(949) 582- 4738

Thank you for visiting our EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs Website!

Our goal is to provide you with counseling, educational tools and skills; resources, and services.  We are committed to walk with you as you travel the educational path. 

Historically, EOPS was established in 1969 to provide educational access to first-generation, low-income, educationally disadvantaged and historically underrepresented students.  Though times are challenging as a result of the state budget crisis, cuts to our program and severe reductions in services, we are thrilled that you have chosen us to assist you in meeting your educational endeavors.

Watch your inbox for emails, letters, workshop information, book voucher dates, early registration dates, etc. These services are available to you as long as you meet your Mutual Responsibility Contract.

We’re going to be sending you occasional e-mails with important information about our services therefore to ensure you receive these e-mails keep your information up to date by logging in the MYSITE portal.

Thank you for joining us,
Dr. Georgina Guy

EOPS/CARE & CalWORKs Counselors

Jeff Hannibal
Jeff Hannibal red man icon
Counselor (Adjunct)
(949) 582-4648

Kathy Tuominen-Lenney
Kathy Lenney redman_icon
Counselor (Adjunct)
(949) 582-4207

Efren Rangel
Efren Rangel red man icon
Counselor (Adjunct)
(949) 582-4207




Hollis Casey red man icon
Counselor (Adjunct) (949) 582-4953














Maria Castellanos red man icon
Counselor (Adjunct) (949) 582-4620



















Teresa Camacho
Teresa Camacho red man icon
Sr. Administrative Assistant
(949) 582-4619

Maria Hanson
Maria Hanson red man icon
EOPS Specialist
(949) 582-4275

Lori Parra
Lori Parra red man icon
EOPS Specialist
(949) 582-4829

Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia red man icon
Project Specialist
(949) 582-4620