Art Department

The Art Department is committed to the belief that man's reflection of life is manifested through his or her art. Students are able to fully appreciate art and man's artistic expressions through study, observation and experience. The art facilities include studios for ceramics, sculpture/metal arts, painting, drawing, photography, printmaking and design, plus large lecture rooms and a gallery, where exhibitions and installations are presented regularly where students learn how to plan, design and organize space. The Department enhances its instructional program by inviting guest artists and craftsmen to participate in master classes and workshops.


Jonathan Ginnaty
Senior Lab Technician, Art
(949) 582-4204

Larry Ward
Senior Lab Technician, Art
(949) 582-4762

Bob Rickerson
Art Gallery Specialist / Curator
(949) 582-4924

Laura Haight
Ceramics Instructor
(949) 582-4758

Larry Jones View profile information for Larry Jones View website for Larry Jones
Art Instructor
(949) 582-4434

Veronica Obermeyer View profile information for Veronica Obermeyer View website for Veronica Obermeyer
Drawing/Computer-Mediated Art
(949) 582-4759

Vito Scarola View profile information for Vito Scarola View website for Vito Scarola
Art Instructor
(949) 582-4774

Rick Reese
Art Instructor
(949) 582-4919

Erin Shea
Art Instructor
(949) 582-6117