Speech & Debate Team

The Saddleback Forensics Team attends many tournaments throughout California and across the nation competing in both Individual Events and Debate. Our team is nationally recognized for our students' competitive success, as well as our commitment to maintaining a team that views competition as an engagement that demands dedication, respect, and ethical behavior.

After having competed for our team, we hope our students have learned to better develop innovative arguments for future writing and speaking engagements, to strengthen their critical thinking skills, and to better communicate with others. We value the work of our competitors, as they are continually teaching the team new ways of looking at the world by bringing their own diverse experiences and unique opinions to our team. At Saddleback College, the coaches and faculty members feel extremely privileged and honored to be able to continue to provide a space for our competitors to learn how to become better speakers, writers, and students!

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Join the Forensics Team

Join our Team by enrolling in SP 106 Forensics Activity.  See the following documents for information about the class.


For more information on the Saddleback College Forensics Team, contact Larry Radden at
(949) 582-4909 or Heidi Ochoa at 949-582-4404.



Coach Contacts:

Heidi Ochoa
Speech Instructor/Co-Director
(949) 582-4404

Lucas Ochoa
Speech Instructor/Forensics Coach
(949) 582-4778

Larry Radden
Speech Instructor/Co-Director
(949) 582-4909

Shawn O'Rourke
Speech Instructor/Forensics Coach
(949) 582-4265