Studio B Reservations


If you would like to make a reservation you can email or call the staff. We would be glad to take your reservation. Please note that we reserve in 4 hour blocks only, if the system that you are on is not reserved for the next 4 hour block you may stay. Please let us know an exact time and a specific station number. And remember the station that you start a project on you must finish on that same station. This Lab is only for assigned projects by CTVR instructors.

Matt Brodet (949) 582-4922 /
Scott Ferguson Greene (949) 582-4321 /
Randy VanDyke (949) 348-6281 /
Mark Kruhmin (949) 582-4509 /

Remember to let us know if you cannot make your reservation. If you are 15 minutes late the reservation will be cancelled and it will go to the next person waiting.

Below are the links to the individual weeks of the semester. Click on the link to view the available times for that week.

Week of January 21st-January 24th

Week of January 27th- January 30th

Week of February 3rd- February 7th

Week of February 10th-February 14th 

Week of February  17th- February 21st

Week of February 24th- February 27th 

Week of March 3rd- March 7th

Week of March 10th-March 14th

Week of March 17th -March 21stth

Week of March 24th-March 28th

Week of March 31st- April 4th

Week of April 7th -April 11th

Week of  April 14th- April 18th

Week of  April 21st - April 25th

Week of  April 28th-May 2nd

Week of  May 5th- May 9th

Week of May 12th- May 16th 

Week of May 19th- May 23rd 

Week of May 26th- May 30th