Syllabus Template - Checklist


Activity Notes
  Faculty Information Your name, college e-mail address, faculty web site, voice mailbox, office hours (if applicable), office location
  General Course Information
  • Course number, section, title, meeting days/times, and location
  • Classroom Delivery
  • Prerequisite for the course
  • Description of the course
  • Blackboard contact information (if applicable)
  Instructional Resources
  • Required purchases: textbook and supplies
  • Optional purchases: supplementation readings and supplies
  Student Learning Outcomes
  • Course level - department
  • Course level - individual
  Course Description Use description as outlined in the official course outline or College Catalog
  Course goals and objectives Use the goals and objectives as described in the official course outline.
  Blackboard How to access and use Blackboard
  Grading Policy Standards and criteria
  Course Policy
  • Policy regarding late assignments
  • Absence policy
  • Policy on academic dishonesty and the consequence to any violations of this policy
  Course Schedule
  • Topics to be covered in sequence with dates
  • Reading assignment and due dates
  • Dates of major assignments/exams
  • A clear explanation of written assignments
  • Place, time and date of final examination
  Class Conduct
  • Student participation and attendance in class
  • Use of electronic devices
  • Excessive talking/disruption
  • Civility, respect, and tolerance of others
  • Use of recording devices
  Important College Dates Include holidays, drop dates, etc.
  Safety Considerations List for students any required equipment, policies, procedures, and circumstances where safety is an issue.
  Student Support
  Online Orientation Create an orientation for all online classes