Group Project


Each group will consist of 4 to 6 students.It is the responsibility of the students to communicate among themselves.  

The instructor will assign students to Groups. 

Each Group will choose one of the following companies:


"11 Companies On the Edge in 2012"

*** I may approve other troubled, publicly traded companies of your choosing - please confer with me for criteria ***

Once a company is assigned to a Group, it will not be available to other Groups.

Company assignments will be made "First Come First Serve". E-mail your 1st choice and an alternate as soon as the Group members have agreed on a selection.

The Assignment:

Each group will prepare a term paper (approx. 10 - 30 pages).

The paper should include:

a. A brief description and history of the company (include information on major product lines, market shares, recent performance, competition.)

b. A brief discussion of the company's current financial position and recent trends (basically an overview of performance (income statement & balance sheet) during the recent past - you should not analyze data over 5 years old. Try to get data for most recent quarters in 20011.)

 c. A discussion of the major financial challenges or problems facing the company.

 d. your group's recommendations regarding how the company should meet it challenges (detailed innovative ideas will be rewarded. Do not limit yourself to what you have read in a financial or trade journals. I'm looking for your original suggestions.) Explain your reasoning and justify your recommendations.

 e. Conclusion. Discuss the outlook for the company. The discussion should be bifurcated: (1) the outlook if the company follows your recommendations; (2) company's outlook if it proceeds on it current course.

The paper is due on April 23, 2012. Group Presentations will begin on April 30, 2012. Dates and times will be scheduled with each Group next month.

EACH GROUP WILL PREPARE ONE PAPER. All members will presumably receive the same grade. However, each group member will submit to the instructor a confidential evaluation of other members' performance. An individual's grade may be adjusted up or down, if the consensus of his or her group members is that the individual's contribution was above or below par.

A number of students have asked about access to individual Group discussion boards so that they may privately communicate with their respective group members. There are actually several  tools available to students.

To access the Group Tools, click on TOOLS ; then click on GROUPS ; finally, click on the name of your group (example: GROUP 1: XXXX). You should see a links bar with four options under Group Tools:

 1 . You can use the discussion board by clicking on the DISCUSSION BOARD button; then click on ADD FORUM to create a new discussion thread. A forum is a topic for discussion. If another member has already created a forum for a topic you wish to discuss, then enter that forum and make your comments there.

2. The VIRTUAL CHAT allows students to communicate simultaneously in a chat room. This is basically identical to a conference call. You must coordinate with your group members to find a time everyone will be available.

 3. The FILE EXCHANGE allows you to upload files so that other members can access them. This is a good way to exchange drafts while putting together your paper.

4. E-MAIL option allows you to send an e-mail message to your fellow group members.

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