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The accounting profession provides unlimited opportunities for all of us.  You will have many choices as you take the path towards this career.  This site has many links to assist you in your success in the course as well as informational links where you can gather information about what accounting is.

Courses are offered in all phases of accounting, from basic accounting principles and theories to tax preparation and stock market analysis. The curriculum emphasizes the use of software in a variety of accounting applications.

Accounting courses prepare students to enter accounting positions in the public and private sector in such areas as banking, retail and wholesale trades, and government.


ACCT 1A - Financial Accounting

ACCT1A - Online Syllabus (Summer 2013)

ACCT1A - On Campus Syllabus (Spring 2013)

ACCT1A - Online Syllabus (Spring 2013)

ACCT1A - On Campus Syllabus (Fall 2012)

ACCT1A - Online Syllabus (Fall 2012)

ACCT 1B - Managerial Accounting

ACCT1B - On Campus Syllabus (Spring 2013)

ACCT1B - On Campus & Hybrid Syllabus (Fall 2012)

ACCT1B - Online Syllabus (Summer 2012)

ACCT 202A - Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT 202B - Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT 203 - Cost Accounting

  • ACCT203 - Syllabus

ACCT215 - General Accounting

ACCT 216 - Individual Income Tax

  • Syllabus

ACCT 217 - Partnership and Corporate Tax

ACCT 275 - Auditing

ACCT235 - Entrepreneurial Accounting

  • ACCT235 - Syllabus

ACCT289 - Accounting Info Systems

  • ACCT289 - Syllabus


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