Saddleback faculty Barbara Tamialis
  Child Development  
CD 121 - Practicum: The Student Teaching Experience

This is designed to be the final course you will take before completeing your certificate.  The prerequisites are CD 110 and CD 120 but it is highly reccomended that you also complete complete the following courses before enrolling in this one:

CD 107, 113, 114, 115

This is a 5 credit class.  In addition to meeting for 3 hours weekly in the college classroom, you will be assigned to work with a qualified Mentor Teacher in an accredited preschool site for 6 hours weekly (total of 90 hours for the semester).   

If you are considering taking this class, please contact me before the semester beings to obtain a Student Information Form and set up a placment interview.   This will ensure that you are ready to begin your student teaching placement on time. 

Texts needed:

Learning Together with Young Children by Margie Carter and Deb Curtis, Redleaf Press. ISBN 978-1-929610-97-6

Are You Listening? by Lisa Burman, Redleaf Press, ISBN 978-1-933653-46-4



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