Child Development  
CD 129 - Administration of Young Children's Settings: Management

This course is designed to prepare administrators of settings for young children.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Describe and evaluate aspects of setting up a new school
  • List regulations of state and county licensing agencies
  • Describe and evaluate the organizational framework of various types of schools for young children
  • Describe and explain the duties of a policy-making body in schools for young children
  • Analyze potential funding sources available to schools for young children
  • Analyze a complete cost analysis for setting up and operation of a school for young children
  • Evaluate all aspects of office management
  • Evaluate time planning techniques

Assignments for this course include:

  • reading assignments in the textbook
  • other reading assignments provided (title 22 regulations, etc)
  • completion of a community Care Licensing packet
  • writing a  proposal for funding
  • preparation of a budget
  • semester projects which include outside reading, visits to early childhood programs, shadow study of a director and/or in-depth research of a specific topic.

Required texts:

Sciarra,  Developing and Administering A Childcare and Educational Program, 8th Edition, ISBN 978-1-111-83338-1


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