Muscle Origin Insertion Action
1. Trapezius: spinotrapezius, acromiotrapezius, and clavotrapezius
occipital bone, spines of C7 and all T  vertebrae scapula, clavicle extends, elevates, rotates and retracts scapula; secondary:  extends head
2. latissimus dorsi via thoracolumbar fascia, the lower 6 thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, iliac crest intertubercular sulcus extends, adducts and medially rotates arm
3. serratus anterior upper 8 ribs medial border of scapula protracts and rotates scapula superiorly and laterally
4. rhomboideus spinous process of C7-T5 medial border of scapula stabilize scapula
5. pectoralis major clavicle, sternum, costal cartilages greater tubercle of humerus flexes, adducts and medially rotates arm
6. pectoralis minor ribs 3,4,5 coracoid process  draws scapula anteriorly and inferiorly
7. Deltoids: acromiodeltoideus, spinodeltoideus and clavodeltoideus
clavicle, acromion and scapular spine deltoid tuberosity abducts arm
8. supraspinatus supraspinous fossa of scapula greater tubercle of the humerus abducts and stabilizes humerus
9. infraspinatus infraspinous fossa greater tubercle of the humerus lateral rotation of humerus
10. triceps brachii Infraglenoid tubercle of scapula, posterior humerus 
olecranon process extends forearm
11. biceps brachii coracoid process, supraglenoid  tubercle radial tuberosity flexes elbow, supinates forearm
12. brachialis distal anterior humerus  coronoid process of  ulna flexes forearm
13. flexor carpi ulnaris medial epicondyle of humerus, olecranon process 5th metacarpal,  pisiform and hamate flexes wrist, adducts hand
14. palmaris longus medial epicondyle of humerus palmar aponeurosis tenses skin and fascia of palm; weak flexor of wrist
15. flexor carpi radialis medial epicondyle of humerus 2nd and 3d metacarpals flexes wrist, abducts hand
16. pronator teres medial epicondyle of humerus  lateral radius pronates and flexes forearm
17. brachioradialis lateral supracondylar ridge styloid process of radius flexes forearm
18. extensor carpi radialis Supracondylar ridge and lateral epicondyle of humerus metacarpals II and III extends and abducts wrist
19. extensor digitorum communis lateral epicondyle of the humerus distal phalanges of digits 2-5 extends fingers and wrist, abducts fingers
20. extensor digitorum minimi -- -- extends 5th digit
21. extensor carpi ulnaris lateral epicondyle of humerus metacarpal V extends and adducts wrist
22. masseter zygomatic arch angle and ramus of mandible elevates mandible
23. mylohyoideus mandible hyoid bone elevates hyoid
24. digastricus mandible and mastoid process hyoid bone open mouth and depress mandible
25. sternohyoideus manubrium and clavicle hyoid bone depresses hyoid and larynx
26. sternomastoideus manubrium, clavicle  mastoid process singly, rotates head to opposite shoulder; together, flexes head
27. external oblique lower 8 ribs iliac crest and linea alba flexion and rotation at waist
28. internal oblique lumbar fascia; inguinal ligament; iliac crest lower 4 ribs; linea alba; pubic crest flexion and rotation of trunk; lateral flexion
29. transverse abdominis iliac crest, cartilages of lower 6 ribs linea alba and pubic crest compresses abdominal wall
30. rectus abdominis pubic crest and pubic symphysis ribs 5-7 and xiphoid process flexion at waist
31. tensor fascia latae  iliac crest and anterior superior iliac spine iliotibial tract steadies trunk on thigh
32. gluteus medius ilium greater trochanter abduction and medial rotation of thigh
33. gluteus maximus ilium, sacrum, coccyx gluteal tuberosity of femur major extensor of thigh 
34. sartorius anterior superior  iliac spine tibia flexes, abducts and laterally rotates thigh; flexes knee
35. gracilis pubis medial tibia adducts thigh, flexes and medially rotates leg
36. adductor femoris  = adductor magnus in humans
ischium and pubis linea aspera adducts, flexes and medially rotates thigh
37. biceps femoris ischial tuberosity and femur tibia and fibula extends thigh, flexes knee
38. semitendinosus ischial tuberosity proximal tibia extends thigh, flexes knee
39. semimembranosus ischial tuberosity medial condyle of tibia extends thigh, flexes knee
40. vastus lateralis Greater trochanter patella and tibial tuberosity extends knee, stabilizes knee
41. vastus medialis linea aspera patella and tibial tuberosity extends knee
42. vastus intermedius proximal femur patella and tibial tuberosity extends knee
43. rectus femoris anterior inferior iliac spine patella and tibial tuberosity extends knee, flexes thigh at hip
44. gastrocnemius medial and lateral condyles of femur calcaneal tendon onto calcaneus flexes lower leg, plantarflexes foot
45. tibialis anterior lateral condyle and tibial shaft first cuneiform and first metatarsals dorsiflexes and inverts foot
46. soleus head of fibula and tibia calcaneal tendon onto calcaneus plantarflexes foot
47. fibularis longus head of fibula first metatarsal and medial cuneiform plantarflexion and foot eversion
48. extensor digitorum longus posterior tibia distal phalanges of toes 2-5 extend toes 2 - 5 and dorsiflexes ankle
teres major
posterior surface of inferior angle of scapula lesser tubercle of humerus extends, adducts and medially rotates arm
teres minor
lateral border of scapula greater tubercle of humerus lateral rotation of humerus
subscapular fossa of scapula lesser tubercle of humerus medial rotation of humerus, stabilizes shoulder joint
pectineus pubis
posterior femur adducts, flexes and medially rotates thigh
psoas major lumbar vertebrae lesser trochanter of the femur prime mover in thigh flexion and in flexing trunk