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Child Development &



Child Development- 125

School -Age Children and Youth

Course Description:

An integrated approach to designing, planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate  curriculum for school- age children and youth.  Includes techniques for effective discipline and guidance, and dynamics of working as a team member. Applies to licensing requirement for school-age and youth.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Identify the stages of development and characteristics of children ages 5-12.
2. Write a lesson plan and present activities in school-age programs.
3. Plan and maintain a safe, developmentally appropriate environment.
4. Evaluate tools for assessing the quality of school-age programs.
5. Compare and contrast staff roles and responsibilities.
6.  Identify and analyze skills that reflect positive attitudes, communication,
morale and self-esteem enhancement.
7.  Apply principles and practices of effective communication and guidance to all
children, co-workers and parents.
8.  Recognize environmental, scheduling and teacher behavior as factors that
prevent possible classroom problems.
9.  Demonstrate effective skills to promote family involvement and positive


Typical Assignments:

  • Weekly Assignments:  Each week, new assignments will be posted that relate to the course readings.
  • Discussion Board: Discussion Boards are in lieu of class discussions.  Each week a new question is posed that requires students to share their thoughts. Students then interact with their classmates by responding to their peers.

Projects:  There are 3 major assignments-

  • Parent Meeting
  • Lesson Plan for multi-age school age children
  • Observation of School-Age Program

Required Text:

  • Caring for School-Age Children  by Click and Parker.  6th edition.