CD 135

| The Young Child with Special Needs

Children wearing hearing aids

Sample Syllabus

Course Catalog Description:

This course is designed for students who are considering a career or certificate in special education or desire to work with children with special needs and their families. The course provides an overview of common disabilities of children and the impact on families. Educational issues, techniques, methods of intervention and case management are explored. The course examines federal law and the development of the Individualized Family Support Plan and Individualized Education Program. Teaching practices and philosophies of inclusion in childcare and school are discussed. Adaptations and intervention methods will be designed. Observation of children will be required.



Gargiulo, R.M. and Kilgo, J.L. (2011, 3rd Edition). An Introduction to Young Children with Special Needs Birth Through Age Eight. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

Students will explore concepts through weekly reading and writing assignments, videos, and online discussions.

Written Assignments: Specific instructions for written assignments will be provided in the weekly folders.

  • Focused Responses to the material presented during the weekly lessons
  • Interview conversation with a family member of a child with a disability or an adult who has a disability
  • Family Resource Guide
  • Observation of a young child with special needs (birth to age 8)
  • Observation of an early childhood learning environment