CDES 101

Sample Activities

The course may include similar activities, but this is by no means a commplete description of the assignments. The instructor has the right to change assignments at his/her discretion.

  1. Field Observations: These assginments present opportunities for the student to gain experience in observing and interpreting the many different types of programs and curriculum in the field. If you owrk in any early childhood setting which fits the description of the program you are to observe, you may do your field observation at your site BUT not during a time when you are responsible for children. You must be free to be an observer.
  2. Professional Portfolio: You will compile a personal Professional Portfolio which will include documentation of your education and your professional experience. Details and format will be given in class.
  3. Models and Programs Paper: You will research a program model discussed in class, and explain how it relates to the theories discussed. You will also observe a program that follows this model and report on components of the program observed.
  4. Homework Assignments: Nine hours of course work will have an internet component.There will be three different Homework Assignments which require reading online articles and response and discussion on the Blackboard Discussion Board.
  5. Midterm and Final: Both tests will be a practical application of learned material.