CIM225 Web Development PHP
Summer 2013- CIM225 06/17/2013 - 07/28/2013

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Web Designer Be Not Afraid Class,
has Special Course Grading Option.
Recommended: Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache All in One (3rd Edition) ) By Julie Meloni.
ISBN-13: 9780672329760
Publish Date July 2008
ISBN: 0672328739;
Publisher Sams. June 30, 2006

Recommended Text Fall/2012: PHP MashUp | Joomla - Drupal - WordPress Book | More Comprehensive PHP Book Online

We cover the basics of the PHP server-side scripting language. PHP is the most used server-side scripting language. PHP is a recursive acromion, standing for PHP Hyper Text Preprocessor. A PHP file is execute by a PHP engine, the output is a dynamic Web Page. Course also touches on MySQL and has examples on Required Textbookhow to use PHP with a MySQL database.
Structured Query Language (SQL) has become the standard for communicating to a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). RDBMS have become the def acto standard for organizing data. MySQL is a fast growing RDMBS and also has a library that supports sending SQL commands to its database using the PHP scripting language. In 2008, Sun Microsystems purchased MySQL. This would of helped expand the roll of MySQL beyond a popular Web Database system, into a more mainstream fortune 500 database. However, in 2009 Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems, Oracle has done a very good job of integrating Sun hardware and Java into their database Oracle plans to position MySQL as a SQL Server competitor. Software system. MySQL is being supporting but Maria DB may be the next open source alternative.

LAMP - Linux Apache MySQL PHP/Perl/Python, in CIM205B LAMP we look at implementing, integrating and selecting Open Source Web Applications. Popular open source Web Applications are CMS (Content Management Systems), bulletin boards, Web blogging SW and system administrating SW. Background in PHP and MySQL is help full but not required. Course is geared to be a survey - integration course not a Web Development course. Course includes an overview of linux, PHP, SQL & Shell level scripting.

CMS has become the key open source software that cim205b did analyze. Analysis of CMS systems has been included in the CIM225 course content.