Sony MicroVault.
> I bought the 1 gig version at CompUSA for about $70
> including tax. it worked great for the transfer. The
> MicroVault also has on board software that they claim
> will allow one to compress up to 3 gig of data under
> certain circumstances. However, this is a bare bones
> item otherwise. It has a removable cap instead of a
> retained one, a plastic body, no password protection


Top rate indestructible San Disk Titanium Pen drive

On Ebay 256MB Goes for Shipping

Fry's has them for sale every week with rebates 1Gbyte for 5GB

Best Buy, Fry's, Costo and Wallmart also have competitive pricing



"I like the Kingston USB drives because they are a tad more but, according to reviews, very reliable. This link shows three models.  The top two are geared more toward security features.  The bottom one has the 512 MB on sale for(I think it ships free from Kingston) or slightly less even with shipping added at  which is in Laguna Hills. " Stuart