ATM Locations


ATM Locations


You can use HigherOne ATM’s to withdraw cash and/or view the current available balance on your HigherOne checking account. The daily maximum cash withdrawal is $500.

There are two convenient HigherOne ATM locations on Saddleback’s campus.

  • Student Services Building
    (SSC) - 2nd Floor
  • Math/Science/Engineering
    Building (MSE) – Lobby
  • Saddleback Gymnasium
    (PE 200) – Foyer

About Fees

  1. There is no fee when using the Saddleback Card at the HigherOne ATM's.
  2. If you use your card as a debit card-swipe and PIN#, you will be charged 50 cents per transaction.
  3. If you use your card on a non-HigherOne ATM, you will be charged $2.50 by HigherOne plus usage charge from the institution who owns the ATM.
  4. If you lose your card, there is a $20 card replacement charge by HigherOne.


Fees are charged if you use the Schools First Credit Union’s ATM located in the Student Student Center. There are also fees for using another bank’s ATM (HigherOne Fee Schedules).