Federal Pell Grants (FPG)

Pell Grants provide financial assistance to eligible part-time and full-time students based on need. You must be an undergraduate student who does not have a bachelors degree, or professional degree. The maximum award is $5,550. Applicants must be US citizens or eligible noncitizen's and complete the FAFSA and other required supplemental documents. Students may apply for a Federal Pell Grant any time after January 1st of each year, for the subsequent fall semester.

Note: For summer 2010, a new regulation goes into effect called “Accelerated Pell Grant” or “Two Pells in an award year.” Previously, students only were paid Pell grant in summer if they had remaining eligibility from fall and spring, now; we will pay students their remaining eligibility first, if any, for 09/10, based on enrollment status. If the student’s enrollment exceeds their remaining eligibility, we will pay the balance as the “accelerated Pell”, providing the student is enrolled at least ½ time. All regular SAP policies and R2T4/withdrawal policies still apply for the summer term.

* Note: this will be in effect for summer 2010, but will change for summer 2011.